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Jennifer S. |

April 18, 2021

“Thanks so much!!! Y'all are the absolute best! Almost two years I've had Stinky and here he is for the first time enjoying the yard without a leash!!! ❤️❤️ Thanks again!”

Robin N. |

October 4, 2022

“We are amazed with this new fencing! These big rambunctious dogs have had free range of 155 acres for the past 5 years. However, they like to chase vehicles on the road. The road runs thru our property, hence, the dogs think they own the road too. After being given a citation from the sheriff's office regarding our dogs in the road, we called Smoky Mountain Dog Guard. Dee got back to us right away with a quote, and we scheduled the install. Eddie came out, was extremely knowledgeable, installed our system without leaving any evidence of him ever being there. He explained the process we needed to take and was very encouraging that we could make this work (3 large rambunctious strong-willed dogs). Our concern was, they’ve had free range for the past 5 years, and they’ve NEVER been on a leash b4. None the less, I followed Eddie’s instructions. Today is day 3, and these beauties are perfectly complying to their new set boundaries. They have exhibited great control when opportunities of passing vehicles go by, they run barking, yet stop short of the flags, remaining within their new boundaries. Literally, 3 days after install and I am so proud of them and this new invisible fence brings us great comfort in knowing the dogs are safer, AND we’re in compliance with our citation issue. Thank you so much, Eddie & Dee, you both are so kind, professional, and operate a great company. It is a blessing to have met you.”

Matthew T. |

August 18, 2022

Incredible experience. Deedee and Eddie are true professionnels. Knowledgeable, personable, have an incredible concern for the safety of your pet. You won't find any better dog fence installers. Stop looking and give them a call.

Robin S. |

August 18, 2022

Eddie was wonderful, answering our calls, and even made an extra stop to help us with their training! The system is working great, they really do care about your pet's safety.

Samantha F. |

August 18, 2022

This was the BEST investment for our shepherd puppy (Linca)!!! We were at a loss on how to give Linca the most access to the yard to run and play AND keep her safe and contained. Linca is SO happy she gets to explore on her own time and way! Eddie and his assistant were thorough, VERY informative, and efficient in getting us set up for success. They went above and beyond in their consideration of the install - thank you! Bottom line: save yourself time and money and call to get your Dog Guard system set up by Eddie!!

Maddison N. |

August 18, 2022

We had a fence put in for our fur baby this week! Asheville K9 could not have been better. They arrived on time and we’re so kind to me as well as our dog! He made sure we were happy with the path of the fence after we walked it out before beginning and stayed after to show us the steps to training our dog. They were so kind and so helpful. We are so glad we found them!

Tim R. |

August 18, 2022

8 years ago Eddie at Smoky Mountain put his Dog Guard underground dog fence around our house and yard. He showed me how to train our Miss Moon and in no time she learned where the fence was and in 8 years she never left our yard. We totally took the fence for granted all those years. In the winter of 2021, we lost Miss Moon to a tumor. Now we have a new pup and we wanted to train him to the electronic fence but we weren’t even sure it still worked. I knew that Eddie had put in a quality system with heavy strong wire. I took our original collar and went around our 1+ acre yard. Each time I approached where the wire was buried it beeped and gave me a shock. Really I was surprised it still worked as well as it did 8 years ago and I have driven over the wire many times in my truck. I had seen multiple home-installed systems with small thin wires fail in a very short time. My wife and I could not be happier with our Dog Guard system. I put new flags along the wire and now the new pup, Cooper, is learning the fence. You can’t see any markings on the old collar but it seems to work perfectly. Eddie is a nice guy and cares enough to build you a system that will literally last for many many years. A great investment. If you need a dog fence Smoky Mountain is the one to call in the Asheville, Hendersonville area.

Ann C. |

September 28, 2021

Thanks Eddie and DeDe for the prompt install and explaining the training and system so completely. Duke and Ernest are taking well to the training.

Jeff G. |

May 4, 2021

Eddie has almost finished the installation here. He is an "Outstanding" young man!! He has gone above and beyond. I am extremely impressed. Thank you both so very much!!

Matt M. | Asheville, NC

March 12, 2021

Eddie is a great guy that really loves dogs. My wife and I were very nervous about the electric fence. We didn't want to hurt our dog. Eddie reassured us that it was all going to be OK. We followed his instructions. We needed a fair amount of hand holding and he was there every step of the way.

Jenna W. |

February 19, 2021

Thank you for your professionalism, kindness, and hard work. Loving the system.

Jennifer & Nate C. |

June 17, 2020

Thanks for everything. Your service was wonderful and the price was great!

Joey B. | Candler, NC

June 10, 2020

Amazing Company! I got several quotes for an underground fence after having bad luck with a wireless system. I went with this company b/c Eddie seemed very knowledgeable and I liked his product better than the others I looked into. So glad I did. Eddie was amazing during the sales and installation processes. Very upfront, punctual, and did a great job with everything. Most importantly, the fence worked with our huge stubborn dog. We did the training as Eddie outlined and everything was seamless. Within 9 days our dog was running free. Its been life-changing for us and our dog. We are beyond happy with our decision to scrap the wireless system and go with an in-ground system and that we chose Asheville K9 Containment Specialists to do the job. THANK YOU!

Cory W. |

March 19, 2019

Dog Guard has worked very well for our dogs. Eddie is very friendly and helpful. We have a very large yard and the price was way better than the competitors. Eddie arrived on time. Installed our fence very quickly and thoroughly, explained everything. We’ve had the system for over a year without a single issue.

John C. |

July 5, 2017

When Eddie gave me the quote for my property, it impressed me with how affordable it was. He arrived and quoted my large 1400 foot multiple acre run the same day, then returned and installed the entire system in under a day. His pricing was less than renting a trencher and buying the system and installing myself. He worked with me to train my dogs and it was apparent that he really cared about my dogs, my property and his business. I would highly recommend Dog Guard to anyone in the underground dog fence market!

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